Councillor Susan Craig

Susan Craig is a mother of two and works on a voluntary basis as a Fund Raiser Coordinator for Marie Curie Cancer Care. She has always lived in Gateshead, being born in Bensham in the sixties and moving to Low Fell when she was seven, and remained in Low Fell for almost 30 years.

Susan went to school at Kells Lane, where she won many medals for athletics. She also attended Greenwell and Dryden schools. At one time Susan worked at the Classic Cinema in Low Fell (where Forster Court now is). Susan has also worked in the area as a Nurse and Community Nurse for several years and ran her own business as a Holistic Practitioner for over ten years. In her varied career, she has also worked as Assistant Manager in the Low Fell branch of Marie Curie Cancer Care.

Susan married her husband, Peter in 1988 and presently lives in Whickham. Peter was Chair of Governors at Harlow Green Infant School, where their two children attended and he is also a Lib Dem councillor on Gateshead Council.

Susan was elected as one of Low Fell’s Councillors in May 2008 (taking over from Charles Jevon) and was re-elected in May 2010 and again in May 2014.

Susan can be contacted on 0191 4880787 or by email to [email protected]

Focus on Bridges Blog:

Concerned Residents Voice Their Opinions - In Overwhelming Survey Results:

Following Gateshead Council's failure to engage or consult with local residents on the sweeping changes to the roads around their homes, community campaigners in Ochre Yards have joined together to provide people with the voice their Council neglected to.

Residents initially understood the changes to be temporary and as a response to Coronavirus social distancing requirements, however as daily chaos ensued and the works progressed they appeared to be anything but "temporary" and they now feel the changes are a knee jerk response to Gateshead Council's failure to adequately address Gateshead's longstanding clean air issues.

The startling results of the residents survey provide a sobering picture of just how badly people feel Gateshead Council has failed them and they demand that their views and concerns are listened to and acted upon in a meaningful and transparent consultation. One resident wrote:

"I work in a hospital lab which carries out COVID testing. The amount of work we do has greatly increased, requiring the need for emergency night shifts. On top of doing my part to end the pandemic, I now have to take more of my personal time away from work to plan alternative routes and get up earlier to avoid traffic on the estate that the council have caused. This is causing me to feel even more anxious and exhausted than I already was. My route to work should not be an additional burden during these extremely tough times."

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