Scrap Police and Crime Commissioners

The Police and Crime Commissioner (PCC) for Northumbria – ever heard of this role?

If you ever wanted an expensive waste of money and a political role that hardly anyone is aware of, the PCC fits the bill!

Every elector in the Northumbria police force area can vote for the person who oversees the running of the police. Each force in the country is headed by a PCC but only a small number of people actually vote. They are meant to bring policing closer to the people. Most people think they are a complete failure. PCCs are paid about £70-£80,000.

In 2019, the Labour PCC for Northumbria resigned, sparking a by-election that cost local residents over £2 million. Only one in 6 people voted for the replacement. 

The money that is wasted on the PCC (who also has an expensive office) could be better spent on policing. The money poured into the by-election could have employed one hundred new officers.

Leading the call to axe the PCCs is Lib Dem Gateshead Councillor Peter Maughan (photo below). “I am standing as the Lib Dem candidate for the role of Northumbria PCC in the election this year,” said Peter. “My aim is to abolish this needless political job and put the money into employing more officers instead.”

If you agree with us, sign our petition below calling for PCCs to be scrapped. 


I, the undersigned, call on the government to abolish the police and crime commissioners and use the savings to invest in the police service.

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