Call to demolish derelict school

A derelict school in the heart of Dunston, Gateshead, that has been empty and unused for over a decade should be demolished and used for housing, claim the area’s local Lib Dem Councillor Peter Maughan.

Dunston Hill School was replaced with a new building nearby 13 years ago but the old building has been left to rot and become derelict.

Councillor Peter Maughan has had a long running battle with Gateshead Council, owners of the site, to demolish the old buildings and use the site for badly needed affordable housing.

“The neglect of the old Dunston Hill School for over a decade has left residents living with a huge eyesore on their doorsteps,” said Peter.

“This is completely unacceptable. The site is on the main road through Dunston so the growing dereliction is seen everyday by a large number of people.

“We want Dunston to be a thriving and attractive place but how can we achieve that when people are met by this derelict school with trees growing out of walls, collapsing roofs and boarded up windows?

“I have written to the Council’s chief executive to try again to get some action to have the site cleared. We could have affordable homes on this site, which would pay council tax, therefore generating income for the Council. Instead, we have a dangerous eyesore on which the council is losing the opportunity to get an income.”

Peter is calling on residents, angry with the lack of action to deal with the crumbling school, to sign his online petition below.


We the undersigned call on Gateshead Council to demolish the derelict Dunston Hill School and use the site for affordable housing.

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